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profile picture of Royd Bisiwasi

Born 1973 in Chikwava, rural area 140km south of Blantyre. Father was a domestic worker and cook. Nine siblings. Royd third-born. Form 2 Mabvuku – technical drawing, metal work. Finished school 1989, did drama with Yamaguchi Theatre Productions focusing on evils of drug abuse, wife beating etc.

Apprentice electrician for three years – borehole pumps, wiring for houses etc. – but no papers.

“At that time I was doing wire art – toys, animals etc. About 1994 I joined a group of three guys selling our craft to local clients. From 1999 to 2002 I did screen printing.

“In 2001 I suffered a bad accident. I was knocked down by a car and broke both legs. I spent seven months in hospital. I still have difficulty walking.

“Later a craft shop owner in Msasa gave me ideas for recycling bottle tops and sold my products.”

Married with six children. Oldest is 21, a welder; the youngest is nine months old. Wife sells vegetables at a market in Mabvuku, where they live.

“My plans? To improve my business prospects and sell my products in Europe and Africa.

“I am proud to be an artist. I share my skills, encourage others to work on art and keep the environment clean by recycling waste products.”